Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rise Up!!!

I am taken a-back a bit to realize just how greatly our expectations affect what we have in this life. This is not a new concept, and has been interspersed through-out so much of what I've read along my way. But to really see it...that click moment...where it all makes sense and you say "Wow, I never even realized!" God is sooo good that way, bringing concepts and thoughts full circle for our viewing pleasure and growth. The way He ties things together in an instant blows me away, and I love it! I adore how there are all of these fragments floating around in my head, and I know they are all connected, but I don't have the brain power to make sense of it all, or the perspective to see it the way it is meant to be seen. Then my awesome Father will come along and tie a pretty bow around those pieces, as though the connection is a gift. Which actually it is. Being able to fully process through an idea and make sense of it in a way that resonates with your soul and writes itself on your heart for permanent change is such a fantastic gift that most of us don't even realize we are being given.

So He presented a jewel of a gift to me after writing my last post, a true gem fused with knowledge and perspective, centering around provision and expectations. My expectation of never having enough has left me lacking all of my life. Because I expect to be poor and not be able to pay my bills, that is exactly what I am reaping. Those expectations are going out into this universe before me and bringing to me those exact things. It is very similar to what is written in The Secret, but my secret is the Big Man in my corner, who has literally died in order to show me love! And His law says that we reap what we sow. Well our thoughts are full of energy and do in fact have the ability to sow. What we think in our hearts and our minds, we also send out into the world. What we think of others ~ they are affected by those thoughts, whether they know it or not. Our thoughts go out and attach themselves to the object of that thought and return to us, in one shape or another, but fullfilling our expectations.

Being aware of the crazy impact our thoughts and expectations have on our existence allows me to see the huge need to rectify my thoughts. A wise person once said, "You can only have one thought at any given time, make it a good one!" That speaks of the need to be in control of our minds and our thinking. If my thoughts have such amazing impacts, than I need to be more aware of them and be sure they are in line with the desires of my heart and my desires for this lifetime. I've heard people say, "Make your money work for you." Well, I am saying, make your mind work for you! Use it for good, to do good. We absolutely have the ability to control what we think of, it's just a matter of being aware of our thoughts ~ that's the first step. Don't randomly float through this life, taking what comes, thinking this is "normal." Rise up, choose better for your life by changing your thoughts. We are capable of anything. I am struggling financially, yes, but I am capable of changing my circumstances because I know my Father and I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! YES!!! And so can you. You think you can't...and you won't. But get to know my Father and He will show you that we reap what we sow, our thoughts have mighty power, and we are able to do anything through Him.

My heart is rising up. My thoughts are rising up. My words are rising up. My ways are rising up. Straight to Him.

Draw me to You Father, the way a flower is drawn to the sun, and only opens fully in it's presence. Lift my thoughts to you Lord, that they may be lovely and good and full of Your ways and Your words. I have released the negative expectations I am holding about your provisions and am open and free to receive your blessings Father. And I know that you are blessing me, every second of every day! Goodness is coming to me and mine with every breath I take! Thank you Father! In Yeshua's name I pray! Amen.

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