Monday, April 12, 2010

Angels All Around Us!

This moment will forever be etched on my soul and I have to write it ~ write it on my heart for eternity. Sitting in church last night, while God was weaving His way through all of our hearts, I turned and looked. The sun was setting and created a light that only God could be capable of. Filtering through the stained glass windows, a glow was created that kissed every person sitting there worshiping our Creator together. A song so infinitely perfect, "How He Loves Us," was being sung by people who just HAVE to worship our Father, HAVE to come together in this way and praise Him. My seat became home, as though the physical may just disappear and my spirit might melt into the chair I sat in. God had chosen that seat for me, someone else had lovingly prayed over my seat, and from that seat I could see all of the angels God has surrounded me with. I was drawn to their faces as though to not see their beauty at that moment would forever change my heart. It was pure joy to turn and see them, see them spilling over with love and glory and pain and realness, to see myself in each of them. To see their wings, which may be hidden to the rest of the world, but have spread over my life in such ways that I am now becomming capable of pouring love onto others. I will no longer be a sponge just sucking up His love and the love of those around me, unable to return that love and letting it dry up. I am so full of love that it is spilling out of me and I want to shout it to the world! I couldn't hide His love if I tried!

At this moment, I was able to glimpse in my mind ALL of the absolutely amazing angels He has placed in my path, who have re-shaped that path and straightened it to lead directly to Him. People who were present, people who are in my heart, and people who have long been gone. I am surrounded by angels who walk beside me, hold my hand, whisper encouragement, pray, lift, give, love, and save. "How He Loves Us" doesn't even begin to accurately portray His work in our lives ~ but it's a good start. Sitting there holding my daughter and son, overwhelmed by the magnificent beauty engulfing my very being, I not only glimpsed God ~ my eyes were opened wide ~ and He is glorious! In every heart of every person I've ever known. In the heart of every angel re-directing my path. In my heart. What a beautiful gift this moment was ~ sealing my faith and making it ok for me to give love.

Thank you my angels ~ some of you know who you are and others are not even aware of how magnificently you have touched my life. But your goodness is so strong it has now become a part of who I am and will breathe life into others as you are a part of my testimony and my story of what is yet to come! It is truly a glorious story that could have only one author ~ for whom I will travel the earth shouting His good name and telling of His love ~ letting His love pour out onto others who are broken just as I was. I will no longer suck it all up without giving back. My heart is prepared to serve you Father and give love to all of your children. You have healed me...and OH,HOW YOU LOVE US!


  1. Alicia, you are such a gifted writer, this touched my heart. Thanks for giving us such a beautiful glimpse of Gods reality and how he was working last night. Phil C.

  2. Wow... Alicia, thanks so much for sharing about the Lords working in your heart and how He is continuing to use His church. - Ryan E.

  3. Alicia, I rejoice with you as you experience the presence and power of God anew in your life! You are a gift to all of us who have come to know & love you!
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us in such a beautiful way!
    Love you so much!