Friday, April 16, 2010

Smile ~ It's Friday and God Loves You!!!

For those of you who may have seen me over the past week or so, I think you may be able to agree that I might almost be glowing! God's grace and work in my soul has culminated to be a pure joy and absolute peace ~ don't get too close or the love will get ya! And now it's Friday, so I may just very well choose to float through this day! Hence the song! Father ~ you ARE cooler than the flip side of the pillow! It is so very beautiful to be able to rest in my Father and listen to an awesome, toe curling song like this one, giving Him praise and letting others see His love emanating from every pore of my body. His glory is that awesome! That little light of mine that I was going to let shine has now become as bright as the son and is radiating goodness, beauty and yes, His LOVE! My new favorite four-letter word, because I now comprehend it's truest meaning, to the depths of my very soul, I am loved and I am love. Not only is it well with my soul, it has become my soul. You took my oh-so hardened heart and have replaced it with this...again, the words fail me. But your goodness does not and I am going to spread that goodness ~ spread it like sunshine over my children, my friends, my family, and especially over those I have yet to meet ~ boy are they in for a surprise, cause I'm on a mission ~ a Father's mission and We're ALL about love these days!!!

Watch out for the hugs, because I now know for sure that I LOVE TO HUG!!! Really hug ~ it's so warm and souls intertwine and join and accept one another and make it ok to be sin and imperfection. Because when God is put in the middle of that mix, between two souls, it is pure and it is glorious ~ just as God intended for His creations to exist, as one. That we be corporate and lift one another and serve one another. Father, you have given me the heart of a lover and you are giving me the words to write on people's hearts so that their hardened hearts of stone might be penetrated and shown to the world as your masterpieces. Help us to understand our sorrows, our deepest angst and fears, to reveal light to those places of darkness. I know Your sleeves are rolled up and You are digging Father ~ the almighty harvester and grower of pure hearts. May these words and Your love and this glorious smile I won't even try to evade, be the ray of Your love that pierces a heart that has been hardened, and hidden, and protected by walls ~ my awesome piercer of hardened hearts. For you not only pierced this very broken heart, you poured love and grace into it, full and overflowing with abundance, more than enough to go around. So I will smile and show that love. Smile with me ~ it's Friday and God LOVES You and knows your heart ~ let Him bring life back to that which He created and formed with His own hands! Be blessed ~ because we all are! Have a magnificent weekend ~ go out and see beauty and smile! Much Love!

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