Friday, May 21, 2010

This Woman's Work

My work, my life, has become love. This woman stands for love. I choose to stand in the gap for those who are broken and can't love. I choose crazy love that can not be explained but that makes the heart speak it's own language ~ so only other hearts can hear! Love is a way of existing, a way of being. A way of standing in this world with chaos swirling, knowing peace. Existing simply through His constant love and the ability to give love to others. My heart finally speaks the language of love! Such crazy love that is wrapping itself around everyone I have the pleasure of knowing. It is pure and good and honest and truth and joy and serenity and faith beyond comprehension and all encompassing and fresh breath and smiles and hugs and truly meeting one another, soul to soul. It is beautiful beyond words, and it is mine to have and to give. The amazing part is, the more you give, the more you have. Again, He's a genius... and the ultimate lover to have given us this insanely awesome ability to love and be loved. And now that I have it, I don't think I will ever lose it. To know how to love another being is the greatest gift He has ever given. Love is not a feeling, it's an ability (from one of my favorites "Dan in Real Life"). This capability is something that I will strive every day to grow, mature and perfect through Him. I am making it my life's work to love, truly give and be love. His love washes me clean and flows through me into the hearts around me. I can do anything in love ~ forgive, hold, forget, heal, help, lift, accept, give, receive, bless...just be a light in the darkness.

Love crosses all borders, transcends all lines drawn by people in this world ~ thank God that our hearts have their own language and are not limited by the ways of this world. To have love within breaks all barriers of race, economics, geography, and society. It has the power to transform brokeness into glory and sorrow into the truest joy ever known by man. Love allows us to mend broken relationships in a way that stays. Love truly trumps all, and His love...well that's something that can only be described in the language of my heart and I haven't figured out how to type it yet.

Allow yourself to be loved ~ He's waiting for you and wants to love you in a way you can't possibly imagine. His love can heal all wounds ~ making the past a little easier to survive, while helping us to look forward and love ourselves regardless of our choices behind us. And seeing your future through the eyes of the heart is a breath-taking way to exist. There is no fear, only love and faith. Take in every moment you can ~ knowing you are loved every second has the power to transform the way we live. Love truly does make the world go round, and our world has such amazing potential to live Heaven on Earth if we would all choose to simply operate out of love. Do the work, be a woman or man of love. This woman's work is officially love and I've never felt so in line with God's will for my life as I do at this very moment. YES!!!!! Crazy love!

Loving all of you, so very very much and wishing you the best and brightest weekend full of loving on one another and growing in love! Blessings and hugs and smiles and sunshine! MMMMWAHHH! That was me blowing you kisses :) Love ya!

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