Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WE ARE the Church!

Our Pastor has "somewhat zealously" mentioned this idea recently, and it's finally resonating with my mind and heart, and we all know what happens then ~ I write it!!! He says, we ARE the Church ~ it's not somewhere we go, or where we worship, or some building ~ it's us! We comprise the Church, as Yeshua's bride, in corporate, every person who comes together to build His body ~ WE are the Church.

I have had many a need lately, and God has really taught me how to go to my fellow~believers with those needs. This hasn't been easy, but I can now see how necessary and awesome it is. God is such a genius! When we are in need, and we learn to take those needs to our Body ~ we are able to see God's hand within a group of His children, binding our hearts to one another, just as He desires. We become a part of something bigger than ourselves, and that allows us to see the needs of others, rather than constantly focusing on ourselves. Once we get out of our own way ~ there's no stopping us! Hopefully you know what it means to be a part of something bigger than yourself ~ a part of the Body. Or maybe you don't, because I didn't for the first 2 years I "went" to church. But then, church was just somewhere I went to be filled ~ it was all about me. And let me tell you ~ it's not all about you! Just kidding,... but really, it's not! It wasn't until I started to reach out to His Body in need and in wanting to help that I realized the dynamics of this crazy awesome group. I spoke my truth, received love and acceptance, and God tied my hearts to these awesome believers who ARE the Church!!

When that group, His Church, is able to respond to people's needs and lift a person from despair, God is seen by those who may not have their faith set on Him. He uses us as His body, and we can do that just about anywhere. We are called to be His body in all situations ~ at work, on the street, at the beach, in a restaurant, at home, in a building where people are worshipping together, in a hair salon, in a coffee shop, in your car, in a park, on a boat, on a basketball court...we are to be the Church in every one of these places. We carry the Church with us everywhere we go, that's why it can't be a building. Our hearts connect with those we serve with, and we then carry those hearts in our hearts ~ helping their hearts reach all we come into contact with. Those hearts are reflected in your own, and others who may not know God can meet your Church just through a conversation with yourself.

In the past few weeks alone my heart has been touched & attached to so many whom I thank God for ~ and they don't all go to the same building to worship God on Sundays, but they are a part of His Church and therefore a part of me. Every believer walking this earth, from the remotest corner to your next~door neighbor, is a part of His Church...pretty awesome the way He designed it! I want to encourage you to really think about this and carry the Church wherever you go, love others, and show others what God's body is all about! Become the Church, Love the Church, BE the Church!!! Much Love! xoxoxo

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