Friday, May 14, 2010


The word healing can be defined as: to return to a normal state or condition. I believe that when God heals our heart, that is exactly what He is doing ~ returning our heart to it's normal state or condition. He is returning our heart to the state it was in when He created that very part of our beings. The part through which all rivers run. The center of our connection to Him. He created that part perfectly, just as He did the rest of our bodies. But our heart is so much more than a body part. Our heart is the center of it all, where we hold all of our goodies. And by goodies I mean our love, our joy, our sadness, our brokeness, our fear, our remorse...all of the things that make us us. I could have said our junk, but I think it's all in God's perfect plan, which allows me to embrace it all ~ good or bad. My heart is full of goodies, and that is where God speaks to us, and oh how He desires a healed heart.

This world leaves so many scars on our hearts ~ and the deepest are from those we love the most. Seems sort of backwards huh? That those we care for greatest have the strongest ability to inflict pain. But I guess it's not really backward at all ~ because we have an awesome capacity to love them, from the very same place where the hurt resides. That's actually pretty mind-blowing if you think about it. We are capable of love even though there is pain. But the ugliness of this world and our own sins create a wall around our hearts many times ~ hardening us to the beauty of love ~ the pain eclipsing any ability to love. It closes us off from the feelings that God has given us to feel. Feelings can alter any event, word, sound, or thought just by being. And God wants us to feel. He has created us to feel the deepest sense of joy and love, but many only feel sorrow. Or aren't even aware of the glory and goodness they are missing, because their hearts are hardened.

This used to be my heart, and still is in many ways. But can I just shout to the heavens because I am actively pursuing a pure heart...finally! YAY!!!! I have a choice and my choice is to live this life God has given me for many, many reasons. I am growing in love and it is glorious ~ healing is part of my job description these days. The best part about all of this is that if you turn to God with your goodies, He will take care of it. You just have to ask and trust. Every time we open our hearts, take out the goodies and examine them ~ light is shed and darkness vanishes. It's really that easy. Painful, difficult, and easy. Makes perfect sense right? Well, while it is difficult to open ourselves to others, and painful to feel the emotions that have been buried with those goodies, God makes it so easy to deal with it because He just takes it from us, if we ask and trust. He desires for all of His children to be whole and joyful. He wants you healed, back to your natural state of existence. So will you open, ask and trust? Please...

Last night a great man from my class introduced this song ~ and I'm so glad he did! Last night a beautiful soul took one large step closer to her Father ~ and I'm so glad she did. Last night my heart was healed a little further by both ~ and I'm so glad it was!!! Another beautiful weekend is upon us ~ take this sunshine and go play ~ please...

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