Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Dog Days ARE Over!!!

The Dog Days Are Over. Yes they are! Or at least they're coming to an end! This has become one of my new favorite songs because, well it rocks! I put it first on my Playlist so you can listen to it as you read this post ~ try not to love it ~ I dare you! If you listen to the words, as with any song, there are definitely different interpretations to be had ~ depending on a person's stained glass window. And let's admit it, especially all my lovely ladies, our mood also plays a big part in how we perceive things...hmmm ~ idea for a post? I think so! But later. For now I want to say goodbye to the Dog Days. Looking through some posts about this song, I found the following interpretations, and I concur:

"The dogs days" are the horrible things in life that happen and traumatize us, and at some point you have to let go to move on and change your own future. Ie: allow a person to love you and be happy, (life doesn't have to be loveless)"

"Run back" run back and repair the damage. The future is bright with the horses comming.

"The phrase 'dog days' means a period of madness (originally because when it got too hot in summer all wine and milk would go bad, dogs and people would go nuts, you get the jist)."

So, if you've read any other post I've ever written ~ I think you can agree that this should be my new anthem. In fact, it is rapidly replacing 'I Will Survive' as we speak, although that one will forever hold a very special place in my heart! Thank you Gloria! As you may be able to tell, I have a very deep fixation with music ~ for ALL music. I can get down to just about any tune ~ which I love about myself! I feel life is so much sweeter when set to music, especially music that resonates with our soul, and most of it does, especially when written with true heart. Just listen to people's words and the way they perfectly match them to music, to reach out and touch souls. I can alter my mood just by listening to different music. Now, that doesn't necessarily take away the reason I feel the way I do, but it gets me through, and some days that's just what I need!

And I find as I get older, I feel more and more deeply for certain songs, such as this one. This little beauty speaks to my soul and the tune it is set to makes my spirit do the jig! Which is my thing for those of you who didn't know ~ love to do the jig! So what more could I ask for in a song??? We all know why this beauty gets me the way it does, so lets not go there today ~ let's just thank God for these little blessings that I can immerse myself in daily. Just listen to the words, the heart, for now and let it move you and get you thinking! Also ~ it's a great song to enjoy with the beautiful weather headed our way! May all of this lift your spirits and help you remember you are alive, breathing, and living...headed down the path He has set before you. Have a glorious afternoon!!!

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