Friday, March 26, 2010

A Change in Perspective!

Looking back at past writings and thinking about recent moments in time ~ I've come to see what I think might be a basis for truth in this world. A truth that, sadly, few know or see. It goes something like this ~ once we have a growing relationship with God and begin to do some of the necessary work on ourselves, and get out of our own way, we are only then able to truly turn our attention to others. And herein lies the way to true happiness here on earth! It is all about the people, people! Other people! Serving people! Seeing people, not as they are, but as they were created to be!

A word that is quickly becoming one of my favorites, that I don't use far enough, is Namaste. First, it's just a really fun word to say. There ya go -let it roll off your tongue (Nah-mah-stay)! Namaste is the Sanskrit greeting that can be interpreted as "I honor the highest within you." It can also be translated to mean, "I honor God within you." What a beautiful way to greet someone, whether it be your best friend, or a stranger on the street. If you can see beyond the ugliness of this world that is currently cloaked on most people, I can tell you sure as day, you will find God. He is within all of us and connects all of us to each other.

Therefore, looking at one of God's Laws, reaping and sowing, because we are connected to all others, then what we give is what we get. When we mistreat others, we mistreat ourselves, disgracing what God has created. When we think a bad thought about someone, we are sowing negativity into our very being. When we yell at a child, we are sowing anger into our selves. When we walk past the man sleeping on the street, we are turning our back on our loving Savior, because He's in there. Whether we want to see Him there or not ~ He's there, waiting for us to notice and help His child...our brother.

Through lifting up others and seeing God in all who cross our paths, we are able to truly see God. And actually, I correct myself ~ we must see God in all of His children, not just those who cross our paths. Not just the one's it is convenient to reach and uplift. Not to say this uplifting thing is convenient...I mean with technology these days, the push of a button can be exhausting! But to see all people as broken, hurting, and needing love, we should be able to change at least a tiny part of our perspective.

Let's look at it this way. Picture a stained glass window. Every experience that we have as children creates a filter at the very front of our mind. After a certain age, every experience we have gets sent through that filter (stained glass window)before we process it, and then spit it back out. So, that stained glass window impacts what comes out, in huge ways! And ways most people aren't even aware of! Take a minute and chew on that (and those aren't even the technical terms for this phenomenon!). The way I am coming to see this is that every person is acting from a series of events that happened to them as children and altered their being. Unless those people are doing the work to see those bitter roots and causes, they are full of hurt and don't even understand why. Which is why we must gently and lovingly take the hurting by the hand and lead them to our creator...take them home, so they can rest and find healing. Look at every person you meet (and meet them all!) as someone with a story and a past...and as a brother or sister. Remember their stained glass window!

Then there's room for the uplifting! Purposefully looking for good things to be said and done for others might be the easiest thing I've ever done. And trust me ~ this is only recently. But, it's all a matter of choice (there's that word again). I can choose to look at the negative or I can choose to find the positive, just by being aware and making it a conscious effort. Bringing a smile to my face, on purpose, takes a little time of getting used to, but it becomes habit. And conjuring up a kind word for someone might take some thought, but choosing to do this for everyone I come into contact with is rapidly bringing pure joy to my soul! And there's the secret about all I have just written ~ turning our attention to others, seeing the best within them, and choosing to uplift that part, however large or small ~ will lift spirits and create a sense of joy that is untouchable! Spread the love my lovelies!

Ooh ~ and I must add that if you are still at the point of growing your relationship with God and getting out of your own way, be gentle with yourselves, as you are also a hurting child of God, which I am also. But be voracious in your appetite for Him and for goodness, and He'll lead the way! Trust me, He's leading mine and my future's so bright - I gotta wear shades!!!

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