Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Birthday Worthy of Praise...Continued

To continue capturing the day I turned 31, I want to post the prayer heard round the world. Or at least heard round my amazing circle of friends and family. As I mentioned earlier, I had started submitting prayers to Joyce Meyer for myself, and then my family & friends, and then the human race in general. Well God so wonderfully put it in my heart to send a request for prayer to those I love - a request for them to pray for me, for themselves, for all of God's children. That small inkling of an idea spread into showers of love and showed me His powers so much so that I am still deep in thought, contemplating it all and trying to absorb it into my being. So I wish to share the message that was sent to my friends and family, a message truly inspired by my Father order to preserve the beauty that was seen in those I love. Pure beauty~~~

Hi All of My Lovelies - As you all know (and I chuckle because I'm sure most of you didn't know - but it's ok - I love you anyway!), tomorrow is my birthday - YAY - I love that day!!! So I have a different request for a birthday present this year, and it's something I know you can all afford - so please read all the way to the bottom! Ironically, tomorrow Joyce Meyer is having a Day to Heal & Restore - a day of Prayer, for which I have submitted several different prayer requests, and know that these will be prayed over by Joyce Meyer Ministries. For those of you who aren't familiar, Joyce Meyer is a very wonderful Pastor who does amazing things for people all over the world.

So, I will be taking some time to pray these same prayers, and I feel a very strong need to ask you to join me in these prayers tomorrow. Some of them are for you, and for those you love, and some are for things we ALL need. At some point in the day on Wednesday, please take a few minutes to TRULY pray the prayer I've written below. Don't just read it - but feel it and pray it!!! Also feel free to add to this prayer whatever may be on your heart. And if you feel so inclined, send those additions to me and I'll send them on to everyone - so we can all pray for you also -cause that's how I roll!

I strongly believe in the power of prayer and believe that there is a reason this is falling on my birthday. I'm quietly preparing my heart for this day, to come to God and allow Him to work through me, that I may be His vessel and be open to hear His words. That I will be obedient and grateful, looking to only Him for life, joy, peace, and abundance. I love you all so very much and truly desire a deeper walk with each of you, knowing we are all His children and created in His image. Make Wednesday a day of love and giving and prayer, please.

"Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven." Matthew 18:19

"Lord I ask that you come into the heart of every person reading this. Surround us with your love Lord. Help us to find rest in you. To rest in a way that only you can provide. Take away our exhaustion with this world so that we might see You. Help us to open our hearts that we might know you. Take away the sorrows that fill us Father, sorrows from knowing that we don't walk in your ways. As much as we try, we cannot completely turn away from the ways of this world. Help us to see ourselves the way you do - you know our hearts better then we do. Gently remind us that you perfected us before you even created us. That you love us, knowing all the while the ways in which we sin and turn away from you. You continue to hold us in your palm and whisper your blessings over us. Blessings that we continually turn a blind eye to - such as the magnificence of our bodies, which most of us detest. You so wonderfully created our bodies in a way to allow us to fully experience our surroundings and those around us. You created us to there a greater blessing? We thank you for those blessings Lord and ask you to help us to find them in everything we see, touch, speak, feel. You know our inner-most struggles Father - please remove them. Shine light on all of those dark places, freeing us to love you fully. Open our eyes that we might truly see all of our brothers and sisters walking next to us - and know them. Remind us that you also created them, and your greatest desire is for us to love one another. We are all hurting and only You can heal those hurts.

I speak abundance into the life of every person praying this Father. You are a good and just God who wishes for good in our lives. You make such amazing promises Father - fulfill them in us. Please take away our debt, make us worthy servants of your love and blessings. Bring us to perfect health and help us to mature in you. Heal our broken relationships and marriages, Father - help these relationships to center first on you and those in them to trust you to grow them.

Specifically Lord, we pray for the beautiful children you have so carefully placed in our care...(edited names for their privacy). We pray for these children Lord, that they may all know you and walk in your ways. That they find love in you, if nowhere else. Help them maintain their innocence and child-like joy and goodness. Let us all learn from their wisdom and ease with love. Help us to be the stewards over their lives that you desire and have equipped us to be, that we may help them to build a relationship with you. We also pray for all of those lovely little children out there who need our prayers, who are hurting, being hurt, without family, and without hope. Help us to love them all Father!

Above all else, show us how to truly love you Father, for there-in lies the wellspring of true life & peace! We love you Father and we thank you. In Jesus' name we pray...Amen!"

Thank you all for your prayers and for taking the time to do this - it will not go unanswered! I hope you all have a beautiful day, enjoy this amazing spring weather we are blessed with, and know I'm thinking of all of you! God Bless!


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