Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Being a Daughter

In today's world, it is so easy to be overwhelmed by the many hats and roles we must wear. Men, don't take offense, but this is especially true when you're a mother ~ we are truly a special breed! But that's a whole other topic, and not what I want to write about today. Today I want to dive into the idea of being a daughter. I forget my role as a daughter many days, and I also am very unsure of how to properly return the love given by my Father. I don't put that role first because I have all the other hats on and I'm running here and there, doing this and that, all the while forgetting to focus on my role as daughter and His role as Father. I can easily blame this on a shattered relationship with my birth father, and never learning what it means to really have a Father, or how to truly operate in the role of daughter. But I think even had my relationship with my dad been better, I still wouldn't completely know how to live in this role, eternally, the way He desires. So, let's put blame and doubt aside and accept it for what it is, and figure out how to grow this relationship that so deserves my full attention.

It's so easy to get lost in the details of this world and day-to-day living. This world will swallow you whole if you allow it to. But maybe it's in finding your way back to Him that actually is the journey and what He desires most. I think He watches as I screw up, day after day, but is pleased all the while that my heart finally belongs to Him, that I've found my way back. So each day, as I dust myself off and try again, He is there, ordering my footsteps and cheering me on, just as a Father should. But He is also saddened when I turn away from Him and forget Him, just as a Father should be. In fact, I can be pretty sure that my Father has shed tears with His daughter. Imagine that! He cries because I cry, just as a Father should. I'm pretty sure He's got this Father role down pat!

But as a daughter, how am I to act and fill that role? What is it that I should be doing to honor the most awesome Father one could ask for? I have this amazing, grace-filled, all-knowing Father who loves me regardless of...well, regardless. Yet I don't turn to Him when I need Him most, in everything! I disregard His love for me at so many turns while hope floats by on missed opportunities to fully experience His love.

So what is a daughter to do? Hmmm, I obviously don't have the perfect answer to that question. And I'm guessing it's not ONE thing I can do, but a process of letting Him gently and gradually change my heart. So I think for now I need to just curl up on my Daddy's lap and let Him lead the way. I'll bet He can show me how to be a great daughter, if I would just give Him the opportunity. If I would trust that His ways are greater than my ways and always remember that as my Father, He will protect, provide, guide, encourage, and love, just as a Father should!

How I love your ways Father, that without giving me the answer, you guide me to You, because that's where you want me...right where I belong! So that you can teach me to be the daughter you created me to be. Yeah, Amen to that!

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