Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beauty in Him

I have been searching the Bible and other sources lately on how to be a better parent. There are plenty of books out there, way too many if you ask me, with a thousand different theories and methods on how to be a good parent. And the Bible offers several references on parenting, which are so so true. But I haven't found exactly the recommendations that I am looking for. Like I want explicit details on how to truly live life and help my children do the same along the way. How to listen to them in a way that teaches them what it means to be heard. How to pray over them in a way that shows them the power of prayer. How to be honest when asked a tough question about the ways of this world, while still maintaining their innocence. How to know their hearts and their souls the way they should be known. How to hold those little hearts for such a short time, while also preparing to let them go out into this big world. How to engage each day as though it were the magic that it truly is because we breathe and love.

God is the perfect model for parenting. He is the only one who could teach me that which I yearn so deeply to learn. While the Bible is a treasure to behold, knowing Him, diving deeply into Him is a way of existing that a book can't offer. If I explore His ways as my Father more, He will make me a better parent, one way or another. Whether it be from His awesome example of an insanely capable Father, or just a deeper walk with Him that ultimately will change my heart. How awesome is that? There is no downside to knowing Him. I've wanted to go deeper with Him, and He knew this day would come for me. So to help me along in our walk together, He's placed this great desire to be a better mother at the core of my being, and He is slowly uncovering it...leading me to Him. So knowing Him will offer me that which I can see for my life, but also that which I can't even begin to see. And automatically, I will be a better mother for walking even further into His love.

God, as always, I am in awe of your ways, when I truly stop to see them and know them. Stop me regularly Lord, that I may see you in everything. I want to know you to the depths of my soul and I crave relationship with you as though you are water and I have walked a desert for 40 years. I need your ways in my life, my children need your ways in my life, my husband needs your ways in my life, YOU need your ways in my life. At this very moment I am clay in the potters hand and I can slowly see you re-shaping me into who you dreamt of long ago. Remove the old, but keep the gold that you've placed within. Continue to peel back the layers until you reveal that gold Lord ~ You within. How blessed am I that you speak to me in these ways and that you are using me to bless the little souls in my life. That I might be a blessing to others speaks of your tremendous work in me already. Thank you crazy awesome Father! Thank you. Amen...

Wow, that was not where I was going with that, but I always end up exactly where He wants me to, so I trust the meaning of this post will speak to your soul the way God just spoke to me. So much love pouring out to you right now!!! There is sooooo much beauty in the world, so much beauty in Him. Go deeper in Him, today, please!

By the way, this picture is titled "Deeper Dive" and I love it. Enjoy!

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  1. I see such growth in you and loving it !!! keep getting deeper into Him who knows you best !!! Love it Love it !!!!