Friday, December 10, 2010

Help Please!!! Donations Needed!!!

Hello to my friends and family! My family and I have been talking seriously about helping a person or family in need this season, and that opportunity has presented itself to us this past week. Wednesday evening as I left work I saw a woman walking up the street and I stopped and asked if she needed a ride. She happily replied yes and got in the car. It was immediately evident that this woman is mentally challenged ~ and very sweet! So she directed me to her home, not more than a few blocks from where I work in Malvern. She lived in an apartment above a rug store. She was very grateful as I dropped her off and I went on my way home.

The next morning I was driving down the same street heading to the bank, and the building where this woman lived was completely charred and burned out. Apparently there was a very bad fire in the building that destroyed all of the apartments and the company below it. I'm not going to lie - my heart stopped when I saw this. Ok God ~ I'm listening! But I didn't even know the woman's name, so after contacting the fire department, police department, and finally the company that employs her, I have more details. Her name, I am told, is Mai Chow, and she has lost everything. All of her clothes and belongings were lost in this fire. As were those of the other 5 residents who lived in the apartments. Mai Chow's only family is a sister whom they have not been able to contact as of this morning. Her and her roommate have been given temporary housing for approximately 2 weeks, but have no clothes, no coat, no shoes, nothing.

So, it is now my very strong intention to help this woman and the others affected by the fire, in any way possible. They are in need of everything! Hence this e-mail to all of the giving souls I know! I am calling for a massive response from all of you wonderful people who love to give ~ and what better time than right now! We all know how cold it is outside, and we all know that there are so many who are less fortunate than we are ~ now we have the opportunity to truly help someone who couldn't need it more. Imagine that you are mentally challenged and were just involved in a fire where people had to be rescued from the roof because the flames were so bad. Imagine that you are left with nothing. Nothing! Now, look around your home and imagine what you could do without. How about that blanket that has been sitting in the closet for a year? And those shoes you haven't worn for 2 years? What's that - you have a set of kitchen utensils you don't use anymore? And the microwave that's sitting in your basement? I am willing to bet that every one of you have at least one item in your home that you could give in order to create a new home for someone who truly needs it. I'm not asking for money, unless you want to give that too. But there is a simple way to help that won't cost you anything.

I am collecting items starting right now. I will come pick them up from you, or you can drop them off to me at my home. Either way, please figure out a way to help these people. I will remain in contact with Mai Chow's employer, as they have set up a person to coordinate all donations for the people affected. They are also reaching out to find permanent homes for Mai Chow and her roommate. So please - take a minute to think of one thing you could donate. And pass this e-mail on to anyone you can think of that would be willing to help. I know what awesome friends and family I have, and I wouldn't ask for your help if it weren't necessary. But this is a fantastic opportunity to see the true meaning of Christmas come to life ~ so join me and let's reach one of the hurting!

Ok, you can e-mail me or call me at (484)798-4078 to make arrangements. I really appreciate your help and your response here. And you can read about the fire on the front cover of today's Daily Local News, or here:

I love you all very much and am grateful already for the outpouring of love that I see happening for this precious soul named Mai Chow. HUGS!!!!



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