Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Update (and some Christmas Music for you to enjoy while you read)!!!

Hello everyone, again! I was finally able to get the sizes for some of the people affected by last week's fire, and they are:

June (female): 7-1/2 shoe, Large top, 8/10 bottom
Mai (female): 6-1/2 shoe, medium top, 8/10 bottom
Jose (male) - Medium shirt, 30/32 pant size (waiting on shoe sizes)

June and Mai Chow were roommates!

Now here is the awesome thing I have found out about the company they work for ~ Baker Industries is a second-chance company who also hires people that need help getting on their feet from places like half-way houses, homeless shelters, prison, etc. They help people who really want to change their life and need a hand to do that. Praise God that I am getting to work with them in this way! So - they will take ANY & ALL donations you can make! Whether it be to help the fire victims or their other employees. I was told today that the owner's wife actually recently just set up a small boutique in their warehouse for their employees to come and pick items from, for free! Items such as clothing and household goods! So ~ even if your items don't help the people affected by the fire ~ they will help someone! AWESOME!!

So this is where I encourage you to give whatever you have to give! And they have offered to work with me to pick items up from me because I am so overwhelmed by people who want to help! Can you imagine?? My heart overflows!!! So - let me know if you can drop things off or if you need me to pick them up. Either way ~ YOU ROCK & I LOVE YOU!!!!! May God seriously bless each and every one of you!!!!

Facebook “event” for collecting donated items:!/event.php?eid=109842265754568

Facebook “group” more focused on the National Bank of Malvern Fund:!/home.php?sk=group_168321493205976

T. & E. Care website: