Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Simple but Fantastic!

Do you have those moments/days/weeks where it all just comes together and you think, "why can't it always be like this?" After a difficult week last week, this one is surely redeeming itself nicely. And no, we haven't been on vacation, or off doing crazy awesome things. No, this week has consisted of simple but fantastic. My favorite combination!

It consisted of helping my children sell lemonade out front, and watching people's faces as my two explained that they were raising money for a group from our church who was going to Haiti with shoes. I love the hearts of those two, and how their hearts remind others to care.

Being blessed with a lifting and "Wow, that one hit home and I cried the entire time" Church service on Sunday followed by time with family, sharing a meal and cuddling up to watch a movie together.

Sitting in the back yard with the tiki torches lit, looking at the stars and wondering aloud which name God has given each one.

Even getting a call at 4 in the morning to come pick up my daughter from a sleepover ~ only lovely because she reminded me that I told her to call her if she ever needed anything ~ and she needed me.

Reading scripture with my husband and discussing matters of our heart. Something we've never really done but that I want to do all the time, now that we have. Want a strong marriage? Read the Bible together and talk about it. Simple, but life-changing!

Spending more time with God than ever before, left wanting more and more, and knowing He is for me!!!

And it's only Wednesday! What simple but fantastic thing has blessed your week so far? I hope there are many! xoxoxo

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