Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Will Wait

For the past several days, well actually weeks, this song has been popping into my head here and there. And I say that like it is random, but we know it's not random at all ~ it is my Father speaking to me. And this isn't the only way He's spoken to me recently. We have been having an ongoing conversation for days now. I ask, He answers. He speaks, I listen. And we are both delighted to be so intertwined in one another that our voices have become completely audible to each other.

To walk with Him in this way is like nothing I've ever experienced. I have cried out to Him, whispered His name, spoken through my heart, and turned to His ways rather than my own ~ and He has been right there the whole time! His presence is undeniable, His voice a sound I will know for all of my days, and His love ~ as I've said before, there really just aren't words for the ways He loves us. It is all encompassing and overwhelming all the while bringing the greatest sense of peace a person could ever desire. To know Him, truly know Him, and be known by He who created me ~ this is what He had in mind when He spoke and man was. The day He breathed life and love into Adam ~ He knew then that I would exist and that we would share this relationship and love for one another. While we may not walk in Eden, we walk together and that is all that matters. I would walk to the ends of the Universe to experience the amazing love He holds for each of us.

Just to know that His love never changes, never fails, never sways ~ no matter what my sins, and they are many, daily. But that is what this walk is all about ~ learning from one another and growing in love so that my heart is changed and pure and full of Him, and not the ways of this world. But I am also called to pour this love that He constantly gives out into this world and all over the lost and unlovely. His love is meant to change and transform my heart, and then the hearts of those around me. It is not to be held onto and kept to myself. It is when I get too wrapped up in myself that I lose my way. I don't ever want to go back to walking in darkness, separated from Him. He is my food and my strength and my existence. I have learned to truly wait on Him, as He says in Isaiah 40:31, which He showed me last night, and this goes in true conjunction with this song He's been playing in my heart. Just one of the many ways He has spoken to me. Pure loveliness!

He's also been showing me how to let go. Of all of it. That it is ALL His ~ the worry, the fear, the sadness, the money, the belongings, the relationships, the beauty ~ it is all through and of Him. He created the very ground that we walk on and all who walk here, and therefore it is ALL of Him. Man likes to think we created democracy, cars, science, flip flops and much more. But if God created us ~ He's already planted those ideas in our minds before we were even conceived here on earth. It is ALL of Him. He has given these things for His children to enjoy their time on Earth, not to do evil or create evil out of His goodness. Money is not the root of all evil ~ it is our perception of money being our own that is the root of all evil. Learn to give it back to Him and respect that it is His ~ and He will bless you more and more. Let it go.

You're struggling in a relationship? Go to God with it rather than placing expectations on that person for what you need. God is the only one who can truly complete and fulfill us. We set each other up for failure when we place our happiness in other people's hands. But give it to God, and He will either give you what you need directly, or He'll put it in someone else's heart to provide. His ways are not our ways, and His means are beyond our comprehension. Why limit Him to meeting our needs through one person? Let it go and trust Him.

Have a tough decision to make? Don't heap that responsibility on yourself, because His arms are wide open, waiting for you to give the choices to Him and let Him lead you. If He has brought you to it, He will bring you through it. He loves you that much ~ no worries are worth losing touch with Him. And if someone else offered today to take care of that issue for you, wouldn't you gladly relinquish control? He's asking! He's waiting! He wants it ALL!!!!

But here's the key to letting go of it ALL ~ Trust. It is trusting that He is for us and will be there to take it all, and use it for our good. Complete, unwavering, absolute TRUST in your Father who gave you life. If we will give it to Him and wait upon His ways ~ NOT OUR OWN ~ He will strengthen us. Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord. Waiting involves letting go and having the complete faith that HE is right there ~ already carrying your load, which you are to bear no longer because it is in His hands now. And we are called to do this with every inch and ounce of our beings. He doesn't want bits and pieces, here and there, when we find the time! He wants it ALL, all of us, all of the time, forever!

My very favorite quote from my very favorite movie, the Notebook, is this, "So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day." All of you women reading this, who have seen this movie, you know what this scene does to your heart. For those of you who haven't seen it ~ we can no longer be friends! Just kidding, but really ~ go rent it! Please!

But seriously, I just realized why this scene resonates with my soul the way it does, every time. It's because this is what God has been saying to me for a very long time. He wants all of me, forever, me and Him, every moment of every day. And it's not going to be easy ~ the steps taken away from this world will hurt and it will be difficult to let go of that which I know and is comfortable. And we will have to work at it every day, but He is willing to do that for me, because He loves me. And it will be beautiful for all to see!

So am I willing, to let it go? Give it all to Him? Trust? Wait? Yes, yes I am. And I hope you are willing also because I can tell you that it will all be ok if you do. He promises and He is waiting on us, when it should be the other way around ~ learn to wait on Him and all that encompasses. It is worth it!

I want to leave you with His words which He is bringing to fruition in my life! Love you all so very much!

But those who wait on the LORD
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.
~ Isaiah 40:31

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